NEw Single “Solstice”


We are MAgic Crawfish


Magic Crawfish's diverse style is challenging to classify, especially beyond broad labels such as "properly seasoned and boiled alt rock." Differing backgrounds in blues, rock, classical, hardcore, and jazz have heavily influenced some of the finer details of the recipe. As a group of four classically-trained percussionists, however, rhythm is one thing that ties the compositions of Magic Crawfish together. With the mindset that guitars, vocals, and drums are equally rhythmically important, the band has created songs that feature layered, interlocking, and interesting rhythmic ideas between all of the members. This characteristic is the foundation that is found throughout the various courses of Magic Crawfish.

In the debut album "Second Friday," each track contained its own eclectic mix of tastes. Elements of math rock, funk, adult alternative, blues, southern, and arena rock were all essential ingredients in elevating Magic Crawfish's modern alternative style.

The band's newest single, "Solstice," introduces a new flavor of Magic Crawfish: exciting and aggressive pop rock that pairs unforgettable melodies with an in-your-face instrumental performance. Supported by layers of new instruments and timbres, this high-energy summer anthem highlights the evolution of the band's ever-so-diverse yet ever-so-recognizable sound.


Vocals, Guitar / Nicholas Broussard
Guitar / Matthew Fanguy
Bass / James Nail
Drums & Cymbals / Bailey Lanier

 Lafayette, LA


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